Village Food Mart

43 Somers Road, Hampden MA | (413) 566-8717


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Fresh food is always available at Village Food Mart and especially over at our Bakery & Deli. Whether you are looking for fresh bread, deserts or superb deli meats and cheeses we have you covered. Village Food Mart offers the best products from quality brands such as Boar’s Head deli meats. 

Our Bakery & Deli offers premade sandwiches and salads made by hand in our kitchen. Try any one of our microwave ready soups to warm your self up and stifle that cold. We have fresh prepared foods available in our counter windows that are great additions and main courses in any meal. Not sure what to try? Ask any of our staff for a free sample.

Our bakery is well known for their custom ordered specialty cakes. If there’s a celebration coming up among your friends or family, don’t think twice about ordering a unique cake from our kitchen. We like a challenge but to make it easier for us please provide us an image if there are any graphics or themes you would like on the cake. For inspiration, see our custom cake gallery.

Dinner Anytime

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Our prepared foods are perfect for nights when cooking seems to be the last thing on your mind. Make dinner easy with our potato and macaroni salads as a wonderful side to any meal.

Made in the Store

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All of Village Food Mart's prepared foods are made in-house. We start from scratch with each meal and use the best ingredients for a tastier dish. Our cooks are always hard at work making sure that the food we sell is fresh for your next meal.